Stockholm Shopping

Gamla Stan, also called Old Town, is known as Sweden's tourist trap. For people who love people watching, this is the place to go. Tourists gather here to pick up cheap tourist stuff like T-shirts, post cards and funny stuffed toys. It's filled with garish shops and expensive restaurants. It's always packed with tourists from around the world who are looking for bargains. Old Town is worth a tour for no other reason then it's the oldest part of Stockholm.

Ahlens is a department store where everything can be found. It has toys, clothes, kitchen stuff and handicrafts. In the basement is a big supermarket where tourists can buy fun treats for a snack or items to pack a big picnic lunch. Ahlens has its own branded clothes. Look for sales to buy a great sweater or a blouse. Around the Christmas holidays, Ahlens offers fantastic bargains, making it an ideal store to pick up gifts for friends and family back home. Prices are reasonable.

The Gallerian Mall is in the heart of Stockholm. This is where the Swedes shop. Tourists can find clothing, game shops, shoes, books and sport shops. ATMs are offered if a pocketbook needs a fresh supply of cash. Designer clothing is a specialty for young men and women. The middle aisles feature snack bars and ice cream shops. Men, check out the neat gadget shop, and there's plenty of beauty supplies for the ladies.

The Stockholm Quality Outlet in Barkarby offers discounts galore. Find clothing, toys, household goods and ladies accessories at this factory outlet. More than 60 shops sell here, featuring steep discounts of 30 percent or more, Bargains can be found at 70 percent off retail. Names brands are on the racks. Some fashions may be a year old, but at these prices who cares?

The Sodermalm Shops can be a busy place, filled with exciting, fashionable goods straight from the designer's board. Swedish textile artists and designers offer their exciting creations for sale here. Tourists can find fun pillowcases, fashionable bags, neat socks and unusual kitchen designs. Sodermalm also features in indoor food market where fish, cheese, meats and wine are offered as a great lunch.

The market halls are a must-see shopping attraction for every tourist. Swedes set up shop and sell everything, from veggies and fruit to antiques and bric-a-bracs. You can sample reindeer sausage, biscuits, cheese and sweet cakes. Buy a coat-of-arms. Sip a cup of coffee. After browsing the stalls, stop at the self-serve restaurants for an inexpensive lunch.