Connect Hotel ArlandaConnect Hotel Arlanda
Lindberghs Gata 10
Stockholm, 19505

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Arlanda Hotellby
Bristagatan 22 - Box 77
Stockholm-Arlanda, 19045

Radisson Blu SkyCity
Pelargangen 1 Skycity
Stockholm, SE SE-190 45

Quality Hotel Airport Arlanda
Arlanda, 19586

Connect Hotel Arlanda
Lindberghs Gata 10
Stockholm, 19505


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Arlanda Airport is the largest airport in Sweden and the third largest in all the Nordic countries. The international airport is located 23 miles north of Stockholm, one of three airports serving the area. It is primarily used for international flights; only 5 million of the 19 million flights in 2011 were domestic.

The name "Arlanda" is derived from the old name for the area where the airport is situated, "Arland." The "-a" was added as many place names in Sweden use the "-landa" ending. Additionally, this makes a pun as "landa" in Swedish means "to land."

The airport began as a site for practice flights in 1959. Though some commercial flights used the airport from as early as 1960, Arlanda was not officially opened until 1962. The airport took over many of Stockholm's intercontinental flights, as the runway at neighboring Bromma was too short. Throughout the 1970s, flights increased as domestic flights to Gothenburg, Malmö, Luleå and Kiruna were taken by Arlanda; the DC-9 aircrafts that these flights used were considered to be too noisy for Bromma, located closer to downtown Stockholm.

A third runway was constructed between 1998 and 2002. Due to a recession, it was not opened until 2003, receiving protests from those living under the flight path. The runway is now only used when the airport is receiving heavy traffic in order to make less of an impact environmentally.

Arlanda Airport has four terminals, numbered two to five. Terminals 2, 3 and 4 make up Arlanda South while Terminal 5 is part of Arlanda North. Terminals 2 and 5 are used for international flights while Terminals 3 and 4 see the domestic flights. As yet, there is no connection between the Arlanda South terminals as the plans for such a construction had to be suspended due to a shortage of funds.

Located at Arlanda Airport is a flight simulator owned by the Oxford Aviation Academy. Pilots can use the center for flight training in some of the most frequently used airliners such as the Boeing 737. SAS Scandinavian Airlines and Priority Aero Maintenance also operate a number of hangars and aircraft maintenance centers on the airport facilities. TUIfly Nordic has a large hangar designed for wide body jets and Patria Helicopters operates a helicopter repair facility.